Where’s the Remote?

After Easter Sunday dinner with my sister, her husband and my niece, my brother-in-law and I were outside on the deck talking. The conversation eventually moved in the direction of the economy or maybe it started there. Before we finished we were trying to think of something that we could make and sell. Or maybe we don’t even have to make it. Like water, what could we put in a bottle or package and sell?  We did not think of anything that day, silently concluding that all the good ideas had already been used.

I kept our conversation in the back of my mind for the next few weeks. In the meantime, something happened at home that has happened that has happened more times than I can remember, we lost the remote. Normally, when the remote is lost we find it after five or ten minutes of searching. This time was different. The remote stayed lost for a night and a day.

This was not a total disaster as we operate on a two remote system. We have one remote to control the volume and the power for the television and another one to change the channel and control the power on the satellite box.  The one that controls the sound was the one that was lost. We used to have one remote that took care of all the functions, but we lost it.

After being lost for a day and a night, we found the wayward remote control. We celebrate and then I immediately felt a strong resolve that this sort of thing should never be allowed to happen again. What to do?  I headed to the garage. On the dryer, I found a string that came from a hooded sweatshirt. Those strings can be put back in the sweatshirt once they come out. We collect them on the dryer until someone throws them away. On the workbench, I found a roll of black electrical tape. I had all that I would need to insure the security and availability of our remote controls.

I tied one end of the string around one of the remotes and the other end around the other remote.  A piece of tape across the back of each remote kept the string from sliding up or down that remote.  The two remotes were now securely fastened to each other. With about ten inches of string between them, they rested neatly over the arm of the recliner.

Something had to be done. Something was done. Would it work? Yes, it has worked. The remote controls have not been lost since that day that I tied them together.

As the weeks passed since the last time that we could not find one of the remotes, I realized that I had the answer to the question my brother-in-law and I were trying to answer on that Easter afternoon. We could make and sell remote control-cuffs. People would pay $9.99 to never lose the remote again. If we offered them at low introductory rate of $4.99, I doubt that we could make them fast enough.

I know that some of you do all your remote controlling with one remote. You are probably wondering how the remote control-cuffs will work for you? Don’t worry, I have figured that out already. If you only use one remote, tie one end of the string to your remote and tie the other end to a six inch long piece of wood.  The remote control just needs to be connected to something.

What is true for remote control is true for us. We need someone to find us. We need someone to look for us when we get lost. We need someone to be with us when we find ourselves feeling lost and alone all over again. Jesus offers that to us. He wants to be that for us.

When we tie our lives to Christ and his church we experience the wonder of having been found not to be lost again. We experience the security of knowing that our lives are connected to something that will not let go of us. The connection is so strong that even when we experience defeat, discouragement and despair it holds us still. Even when life tosses us about and we feel lost and alone, the one we have tied ourselves too comes with us through every trial and every valley. Christ has so tied himself to us that even when we cannot find ourselves he is there with us so they we are not alone.

1 thought on “Where’s the Remote?

  1. WOW, Ed you are one ingenious fellow. You need a little help with the marketing though. You need to offer something else to go with it for a limited time only. “Order now and you will receive the genuine Tibetan stick of wood free. Call now.”

    The Jesus part was good too.

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