O Canada

At Ball Camp Baptist Church, we exist to share the love of Christ. This week our youth will be sharing that love in a special way as they journey north to Canada. An amazing amount of preparation has gone into this trip and now the time is finally here for it to happen. The bags are packed and the luggage is loaded. The work is planned and the funds are raised. Immediately after worship today the bus and the van will leave our parking lot bound for Ottawa.

Our youth and their leaders go out from us as sent people. You should know that they go as sharers of Christ’s love on our behalf. We go with them even as they go for us. You have done much to make this trip possible for our youth, but there is one more thing that is urgently needed — namely, your prayers.

Pray for safe traveling going, coming and everywhere in between. Pray for the people our youth will encounter as they minister this week. Pray that our youth will share Christ’s love with boldness and compassion throughout the week. Most importantly, remember to pray for them each day. In doing so, you will give profound expression of your love for our youth, their leaders, and to those to whom they will minister.

Each of us has been formed to one degree or another by the people and events that we have experienced through the course of our lives. This week our youth will have experiences that could well shape the future direction of their lives. God does amazing things on mission trips. Stuff happens that is more than memorable and beyond unforgettable. Stuff happens that gets inside of a person, becomes a part of a person. Sometimes a person becomes someone different than she or he would have because of the stuff that happens on mission trips. Pray that our youth will have open hearts and minds as God works in and through them this week.

A trip like this one could not happen without adult leaders. This week they work with and watch over our youth. While giving thanks for their willingness to give of themselves, pray that God will give them the strength and wisdom for the important work that lies before them this week.

Our young people have worked hard to make this trip happen. We can all be proud of their diligent preparation and their willingness to go. Truly, only God knows what will result from their willingness to spend a week in another country sharing Christ’s love. Yet, we know God to be a God who is active in the lives of those who serve and follow the way of Christ. So, let those of us remain at home do so with eager anticipation of what God will do. Let us pray and wait that we might see again the power of God to touch lives and transform hearts.


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