No Ears to Hear a Preaching Woman

The Georgia Baptist Convention has officially severed ties with the First Baptist Church of Decatur. Why? They have a female Senior Pastor.

A hundred years from now, someone will look back at our time and be shocked at the way Southern Baptist discriminated against women. My belief in God is such that I would not be half surprised if that person looking back happened to be a Southern Baptist. I believe such a scenario is possible because the Holy Spirit is at work in the world announcing the reign of God. In the Kingdom of God, there is neither Jew nor Greek, male nor female.  Justice will prevail, eventually.

But not today, today we are reminded that fear still binds the hearts and minds of those that God would set free. Yet freedom is a risky endeavor. Sometimes the chains of prejudice and the shackles of culturally-bond misreadings of scripture are preferable to the freedom God intends for those who follow Christ.  Even still, God will keep calling little girls and little boys to proclaim the good news of God’s grace whether we listen or not.


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