Ain’t That America!

It is 8:20 EST on 3/20/10. March madness is in full swing and there is not a brighter star in the world of college basketball than Ali Farokhmanesh. That may change tomorrow or even before the night is over, but right now this son of an Iranian Olympic volleyball player has captured the spirit of what makes March madness such an exciting sporting event.

Six feet, one hundred and ninety pounds, his feet confidently planted behind the three point arc, less than thirty seconds to go in the game, he nails the trey. His ninth-seeded University of Northern Iowa Panthers hold on to defeat number one seed Kansas.


2 thoughts on “Ain’t That America!

  1. “Tre”, not “trey. “It’s Latin and French for “three.” The Spanish equivalent is “tres.”

    And it was very cool.


  2. Very cool moment! Great game! (except he totally screwed up what was left of my bracket) And by the way, I would much rather the East Tennessee/South Louisiana spelling “T-R-E-Y” than all that furiner stuff…just sayin’.


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