Future, Forward, Faith Planning Teams

Over one hundred members of Ball Camp Baptist Church gathered last Sunday afternoon in our Fellowship Hall for our Future, Forward, Faith Summit. We spent the better part of three hours together listening to one another and waiting on God to speak to us. We heard from young and old alike. We shared in small groups, and with the whole group, what we were sensing as God’s direction for our church.  It was an afternoon of prayer.  Not that we spent the whole afternoon with our heads bowed and our eyes closed; but we were together in the presence of God, sharing with God and one another the burden of our hearts, and listening for God to speak in and through us.

For over one hundred of you to give three hours of your time after already having spent the morning at church is no small thing. In fact, it is a very large thing. It is more than just three hours spent together.  Over one hundred people giving three hours of their time, to God and His church, is over 300 hours that could have been spent in other ways. Yet, you chose to give those hours to God and to use them in service of the people of God, and the people in our community and the world, that may yet be impacted by what we heard God saying to us in our time together.

At the conclusion of our time together, we found ourselves with four clear priorities. The priorities that emerged were:

Spiritual Formation/Bible Study

Local Missions



What do we do with these now?  We plan accordingly. Each one of these priorities will now have a team of church members working on a plan that will involve us as a congregation, engaging in each of these priorities over the next three years or so. These teams are still being formed. The priorities are posted on the wall in the Fellowship Hall. Underneath each of them is a sign-up sheet. We still need people to join these teams to work on planning these priorities.  We also need people who will sign up to pray for these teams as they work on their plans.

If you did not attend the summit last week, there is still opportunity for you to join one of these planning teams. Do you have a particular burden for one of these priorities?  Do you feel a need for us to deepen our relationship with God? You ought to consider joining the Spiritual Formation/Bible Study Design Team.  Do you have a desire to be more involved in local missions?  Think about joining the Local Missions Design Team.  Is your heart set on reaching out to our community?  Join the Outreach Design Team. Do you long to see a more unified body of Christ at Ball Camp Baptist Church?  The Unity Design Team is the place for you to put feet to your prayers.  Please, visit the Fellowship Hall today before you leave and consider how God would have you serve the church in this important work.

Thank you to all who have worked so hard to this point — Strategic Visioning Leadership Team, Interviewers, Interviewees, Summit participants.  God is going to honor your investment of time and energy as we go Forward together by Faith into the Future that God has for us.


1 thought on “Future, Forward, Faith Planning Teams

  1. Ed:
    Best wishes on your upward and onward march at Ball Camp.
    Little off topic but hope your youth and young adults will go see Winter’s Bone while it is there in Knoxville at Downtown Cinema West 8.
    Get the word out. See the endorsement review from Baptist pastor MikeParnell at bl.com and ethicsdaily.com this week.
    Go see it and discuss.
    Would be grand if someone would turn up the Spring cover story interviews in Film Magazine on the Theology of And to guide your discussions there.
    Hope maybe you can report at bl.com

    Hope things otherwise are well.


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