Seriously, Toyota recall the Commercial

Now it is personal. When I first saw the Toyota Highlander commercial I was concern about children and parents in general. Now my concerns are a little closer to home. Even as I was making a list of the reasons that I do not appreciate the new Toyota Highlander commercial, my niece was calling my sister lame.

Obviously my niece did not learn the word from a Toyota commercial. Nonetheless, she does not need to have her vocabulary choices reinforced by the advertising department of a multinational corporation.

Toyota should apologize and encourage all of us to use nicer words when we talk to each other.  “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me” provided the last line of defense in childhood arguments. Today, we know better. Words matter. They have meaning and they can be hurtful. Toyota, you can do better


4 thoughts on “Seriously, Toyota recall the Commercial

  1. Thank you for a well written response to the Toyota Highlander commercial…I almost didn’t write a post about it…I didn’t want to give power to it…Writing is my way of releasing anger…Thank you again…


  2. I already wrote them and they sent me an apology letter. I want them to pull the ad, not just apologize. I drive a lame car and if my son gets beat for it, I’m going to blame Toyota.


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