Please keep us in your prayers.

I found a note in my box Sunday morning. Someone found it stuck in one of the doors coming into our building. The note asks for prayer. It also tells a story about the times in which we are living.

Dear Reverend,

Hello, my name is ___ _____. The reason I am writing, is because you may or may not have noticed my vehicle,(a maroon ford) parked behind the church most nights. I purposely do not park here on Saturday nights so that I in no way interfere with Sunday morning service.

Unfortunately, I was laid off from my job 3 1/2 weeks ago. My wife, my 10 year old daughter lost our home very soon after. As for the two special ladies in my life, they are able to temporarily live with her grandparents. Due to space issues, I cannot live there. I pray nightly that our situation will soon change for the better, as I tirelessly search for new employment. I just wanted to assure your congregation, as well as yourself, that I mean no harm towards this beautiful house of God. My wife and I are trying our very best to save money so that, God willing, we will soon be reunited under the same roof. In closing, I want to thank you for your understanding.

Please keeps us in your prayers as we struggle through this very difficult and trying time in our lives. If there is anything that I can do for the church in exchange for me sleeping in the parking lot, by all means let me know. Again I thank you and may God bless you.


___ ______

If you pray, will you please join me in prayer for this family and others who share their plight. I cannot add anything to what this man has already said, except to say that there are many hurting folks out there who need our prayers. There are many more who are just a paycheck or two away from sleeping with grandparents or in a car in the church parking lot. May God’s mercy and strength be theirs as the journey through this time of trial.